Example of term paper on evaluating information about psychology on the web

Website URL: http://www. depressionalliance. org/

Created and maintained by: Depression Alliance is the leading UK charity for people affected by depression

Three thinks I liked on this website:
– Easy language and comprehensive information,
– Interactive tone of web page content,
– Nice categorization of the topic ‘ depression’
This website has easy language for a complex subject like psychology. Even a layman can understand and analyze his/her condition by reading simple instructions and guidelines given on this website. The language of the website is interactive in nature. It makes one feel like they are talking to some known person or friend and not reading a lifeless page on some website. The interactive tone of website makes it an interesting read for information and advice on the subject of “ depression”.
The website has divided the causes, symptoms, and helpful resources into various categories in order of their relevance. Any random web user can go through this information without much effort. The website also offers helpful resources like leaflets, pamphlets, and brochures for comprehensive reading on the subject of “ Depression”.

Three things I learned on this website:

– How to know if you have depression,
– Various terms used in depression
– How to come out of depression
The website offers a simple step by step diagnosis of depression, anyone can easily read and compare their behavior/symptoms to check whether they are a prima facie victim of depression or not. It offers a simple diagnosis by telling the reader about changes in their day to day activities in case someone is suffering from any type of depression.
I came to know about various types of depression on this website. It has nicely categorized 4-5 types of depression and explained their symptoms too. According to website, depression can be divided into 4 or 5 main categories, these are: manic depression, reactive depression, seasonal, endogenous depression, post natal depression. The website offers good guidance on how one can take help from friends and family members to come out of depression.
The website also offers detailed leaflets and brochures that can be downloaded free of cost. All these leaflets are valuable pieces of information and personal advice on depression and its cure. The website has several online resources like eBooks, communities, volunteering opportunities to help people coping up with depression. It even offers advice on getting most benefit from your doctor. People undergoing depression can find reasonable help by joining similar people in online forums available on this website.


I will definitely recommend this website to friends and others in case they want to know more about depression. It has useful information on the subject matter. The website is not only interesting to read, it is resourceful too. Any one can go through its pages with ease and can get free piece of advice.
Website URL: http://www. nimh. nih. gov/health/topics/depression/index. shtml

Created and maintained by: The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), United States.

Three thinks I liked on this website:
– Conversational language of the website
– Action oriented verbs which are meant to energize people under depressing thoughts
– Latest news on initiatives related to overcoming depression
The website adopts a conversational language and inculcates feeling of action with its action oriented write up. This type of writing is very appropriate for a website which is offering self help and medical advice for people suffering from depression. The words used in the website though slightly difficult for the common reader are filled with enthusiasm and compel the reader to keep on reading more & more.
The categorization of the subject is good but length of content is a problem. The reader has to scroll down to the end of the page to read the full text about depression. This website is a good resource for latest news related to depression. The news about depression is flashed in form of a video in the top left corner of the website. It is useful for people to become aware about volunteer activities, seminars, and campaigns to be organized in nearby areas. They can take professional help and can discuss their problem with similar people.

Three things I learned on this website:

– I learned the difference between major and minor depression
– Sign and symptoms of depression
– Various medical treatments to cure depression
After going through this website, I came to know the difference between major and minor depression. According to the website minor depression when untreated for long time has chances of becoming a major depression. One needs to monitor their feelings and day to day activities to recognize problem of depression.
The website also tells about various signs through which one can easily know if they or someone around them is suffering from depression or not. I became aware of the recent treatments that are popular these days for treating depression cases. Various treatments are done to cure minor as well as major depression. Treatment through the use of antidepressants has been discussed in detail on this website. It talks about the nature and use of popular antidepressants and health risks related to few of them.


I would recommend this site to someone who already has some basic knowledge about depression, so that this website can further add up to their wealth of knowledge. Although a good resource for information on depression, it is not meant for an ‘ ordinary user’.


– http://www. nimh. nih. gov/index. shtml
– http://www. depressionalliance. org/