Example of term paper on campus crime perception vs. reality


Campus crime has been an issue mentioned numerous times. The fear that people have towards this is just so much yet the truth of the matter is that this might not be the case. This paper, therefore, seeks to clarify that this issue of campus crime is simply a psychological fear and not a reality. The safety of the schools and security has been in the headlines for quite some time now. It happened especially after the Virginia Tech shooting which happened during the year 2007. The news that are from the urban areas always focus on crime news that happen on campus, as well as, around campus. The news also focuses on the drug and substance abuse which happen in the campuses. For the colleges situated in urban areas, issues always tend to arise around the safety of the students. The perceptions of the crime and safety affect many aspects of the community life in and in most cases the students who go to the schools which are situated in the urban areas consider it a prominent concern. The students who go to these institutions tend to believe that they are subjected to higher crime rates than the students living in a more rural or the suburban locations. Whether the crime rates are high or not, it is true that the perception that the students have leads to increased fear of criminal victimization amongst them. The psychological issues cause more havoc to people than the real issues and as such people need to feel safe. In Ohio, the tuition rate is a little bit low, but safety could be a major factor that a student might consider before choosing on the campus to attend. The management of the various campuses, therefore, ensures that they give security utmost importance so that the students cannot fear. Having mentioned that security in most cases is a psychological perception, the students tend to fear more.