Example of sports argumentative essay

Development of sports in the society has had significant effect over time. The significance of sports could be looked at from different perspectives, to an individual in specific and the community entirely. From an individual perspective, sports enhance well-being in terms of physical fitness, health, as well as life as a whole. In addition, sports facilitate development of social skills that could be conveyed in various areas in life. Furthermore, sports contribute to economic development, and this is a common phenomenon in the modern world, where people make a career out of sports. However, even though sports have positive effects on people, as discussed above, they can also have negative effects. Particularly, sports can also lead to serious injuries, violence, and poor academic performances among the students.
Undoubtedly, sports are very important in promoting health development, especially among the young people. Engaging in sports enhances muscle development, cardiovascular health, coordination, and many more benefits related with prevention of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, depression, and osteoporosis. Despite these health related benefits, several cases have been reported of serious injuries resulting from sports. For instance, it has been reported that about 13. 2% of injuries among high school students are attributed to sporting activities (Barton, 1). The statistics could be much higher if other education levels are taken into consideration. Currently, in the United States, it is estimated that about 3. 8 cases of concussions are associated with sporting activities. This statistics account for up to about 300, 000 concussions among high school athletes per annum (Fainaru and Wada).
It is worrying to note that such cases are increasing over time, something that has led to sports-related injuries being declared a serious public health issue. In terms of per sport injuries, football players have been ranked as having the highest risk of suffering from injuries, with about more than 56. 8% cases of concussions. This accounts for more than 67, 000 diagnosed cases of concussions annually (Barton, 1). The effects of sports, especially football, in the later stages in life are even more worrying. For instance, it has been reported that football players are more likely to develop brain injuries at the end of their playing career. This is evident from NFL’s retirement board having granted disability payments to a number of its former players having established that football contributed to their brain injuries (Young, 1).
Undoubtedly, sports instill discipline among players, a very important aspect of life during as well as after school. In addition, individuals learn important skills such as self-confidence, sacrifice, responsibility, as well as accountability. Therefore, the effect that sports have on the young people when it comes to discipline is undisputed. However, various cases of sports-related violence have been reported in the past, which raises question on the effectiveness of sports in instilling discipline among the young people. Violence in among the sports people is depicted in various ways including: a deliberate effort to harm a player by another player or coach, as well as injuries caused to players or coaches by the spectators (Intelligence Squared U. S Debates). In case of player-player injuries, they usually occur when the players tend to intimidate their opponents. Although in some cases injuries occur an intentionally, it is commonly a strategy developed by the players of the coaches to win over the opponents (Maguire, 1). Violence among the players is a common phenomenon is supports such as boxing and American Football. In addition to violence among the players, fan violence is also common. For instance, in the recent past, FC Dallas player was hit at the head by a fan with a bottle, during a game between LA Galaxy and FC Dallas. Various such cases have been reported not only in the United States, but also other parts of the world such as England and Argentina (Young, 1-2).
It is often argued that sports enhance better performance in school. They usually break the monotony of engaging in studies for a long time in the day, through helping students refresh their minds. Besides, sports instill the spirit of competition among the students, a very important attribute when it comes to class work. Through competing in class, students improve their performance with time because of the determination to do better than the others. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. Better performance in sports is not always a reflection on how the students perform in class (Rimm, 1). In fact, it is a big challenge for one to perform highly both in class and sports, and balancing between the two often proof to be a big test for most sports people. Poor academic performance among students engaging in sports results from two main factors. First, the students spend a lot of time in sports hence losing significant time that could have been spent in studying. Secondly, they concentrate on sports, such that they tend to be always too tired to effectively concentrate in class. Therefore, on this basis, sporting among the students contribute to poor performance in academic, unless they balance between studies and sports, which is often a big challenge (Rimm, 1).
In conclusion, it is evident that sports are a very crucial element in the life of an individual, especially with regard to physical and health development. However, sports are also responsible for injuries, violence, and poor performance in academics. Several cases of concussions and brain injuries in sports such as football and boxing have been increasing in the recent past. Other cases related to poor performance and sports-related violence have brought into record.

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