Example of rendition and the united states treatment of terror suspects essay

The United States has long maintained a formal program of extradition in which an individual is transferred from the United States to another nation regarding the investigation of a criminal matter. Generally, this is accomplished pursuant to procedures established by treaties and done at the request of the other nation. This form of extradition is also known by the term “ rendition.” Less frequent is the form of rendition that is also termed as “ extraordinary rendition” or “ irregular rendition.” This is the extrajudicial transfer of a suspect to another nation for interrogation or in context with an investigation regarding terrorism.
The United States has come under criticism from within and without for its treatment of persons who have been transferred to what is frequent known as “ black states;” foreign nations that allow far more extreme interrogation measures than permitted by United States Law. In a case that came to public attention in May, 2011 the U. S. Supreme Court upheld a federal appeals court ruling that permitted continuation of the State Secrets Doctrine established during George H. W. Bush’s presidency. This matter did include “ extraordinary or irregular rendition.”.
Other nations are also involved in “ extraordinary or irregular rendition.” Great Britain recently began an investigation into their secret intelligence service known as M16, in regards to its potential involvement in an American rendition of terrorist suspects during the Qaddafi era in Libya. . In a Fact Sheet issued by the American Liberties Union, there is mention of a number of countries who are engaged in the interrogation of foreign nationals. American Civil Liberties Union


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