Example of opportunity

Example of Opportunity My area of expertise actually started when I was a youngster. I began taking piano lessons at the age of five. Fortunately, the instructor I found was a renowned
piano teacher. I never knew understood why she was reluctant to accept me as her
student; however, I am thankful that she did.
Years later I was accepted into the piano department of the Junior Music
Program at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. As a child, this
seemingly-small achievement was one that I was quite proud of.
Unfortunately, things did not go smooth afterwards. My piano teacher, whom I
greatly respect, crushed my confidence and musical developments. I could not
understand and bear her harsh treatments. She used to yell at me during every
lesson and struck my small fingers with a wooden stick if I did not meet her
standards. Somehow I could never match up to her strict standards. The amount of
hours I practiced and the numerous awards I earned were never good enough for
Gradually, I realized I would always be below her standards no matter how
hard I tried and that she would never teach me wholeheartedly. Although there were
so many discouragements in my musical endeavor, my zest for music never ceased.
World Reference defines hope as, ” grounds for feeling hopeful for the future”.
Hope was what I had for my future in music regardless of any situation or setback.
Having reached the age of ten, I was mature enough to understand that I
needed to search elsewhere if I wanted to pursue my music ” career”. The decision
that I finally made seemed insensible to others. Being a student of the piano
Example of Opportunity 2
department in the Academy for Performing Arts was recognized as a great honor.
However, the decision I made was to leave the program with the hope that I could
learn another instrument, the oboe. At the same time, I continued taking
piano lessons with the current instructor because as a quitter, self acceptance
and hope would not continue.
My application to the Junior Music Program for the second time was with a
different instrument. Having learned everything from the beginning, I participated
in all kinds of musical groups, quintets, wind ensembles and orchestras. I wanted to
take every opportunity to improve my skills and express my passion for music.
As time drew on, my experience led to performing in concerts. Those were
some of the most treasured moments because I was able to create and share music
with others. Performing continued throughout my college years. By playing music
with others, it became a source of relaxation and enjoyment for me. With a skill
that has taken a lifetime to acquire, I do not believe I will ever let it go. I hope to
create music for as long as I live. I hope to continue sharing my passion in order to
touch the lives and hearts of others. I hope that they too can pass what they gain
from music to those whose paths they cross. Hope will carry me on as it always
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