Example of essay on talent development

It’s important that a leader is in a position to identify and develop not only the talent of his subjects but also his/her own. Talent development is a personal development agenda, which requires one to first, identify his/her talent, set goals to develop the identified talent and be self-disciplined enough to pay the price for the development of the talent.
In my own assessment a great talent that I possess is that of public speaking. This is a talent that I am keen to develop and perfect since it is likely to fast track both professional life and personal life. In developing this talent I will employ the PE AFF strategy. PEAFF is an acronym for; P-Planning, E-Evaluation, A- Awareness, F-Focus, F-Faith.
Planning: To develop my public speaking talent, I will need to plan ahead. In planning my objective is to evaluate where I am as of now with regards to my public speaking capability. In planning I will also lay down the goals that are measurable to enable me measure my success.
Evaluation: I will look for a mentor/coach who will evaluate my performance. The purpose of seeking a mentor/coach is so that I am able to get honest an objective feedback on my performance. It is my desire that the coach will also give me some tips on how to do better in areas he/she thinks I need to work on.
Awareness: Talent development is a conscious decision. I will need to be constantly aware of my effort to develop my talent in public speaking. To make sure that I increase my awareness on areas of improvement, I will keep a check list on areas of improvement which I will review each evening to assess my progress. I will also use sticky notes on my desk or wall, to keep me alert on the aspects that I must work on.
Focus: To achieve my goals I must remain focused at the big picture, that of being a good public speaker. I will break down my objectives into smaller tasks of each day to keep my mind focused.
Faith: Having faith or confidence in myself that I can indeed develop the talent of public speaking. This is an aspect of talent development that will make me keep going, even when I encounter challenges or difficulties.

Setting future goals:

Setting future goals will motivate me to turn my vision of the future to a reality. By setting goals I will know to precise particulars what I want to achieve and also be able to concentrate my efforts in the right areas to achieve my vision. By having goals I will also spot any distractions early enough to for me to make any corrective action. To develop my talent of public speaking some of my future goals shall be;