Example of essay on one mistake does not have to rule a person’s entire life. (joyce meyer

Every human being faces a serious challenge in life once a while. These challenges might arise due to certain mistakes that we might not be proud to say in public. However, we must all find a way of dealing with these mistakes for us to be able to live happy stress-free life. Mistakes are part of life as a man is to error but there are some mistakes that are just too costly and might interfere with someone’s life. Each and every one of us has made a mistake or two in our lives that we are not proud. It is true because no human being is perfect, and we are all learning. It is through mistakes that we learn things in life and mistakes give us better experiences not to repeat them again.
“ One mistake does not have to rule a person’s entire life “ is an example of the wise sayings that Joyce Meyer has always preached to her audience. It is a very educative quote as it teaches us that no matter the mistake one has committed in life, he or she should not let it take control of his or her life. We have a very long life to live and so we should not let anything hold us down. We should all live our lives with happiness as we ensure the offer this happiness to our neighbors in any way we can. In the narrative, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the main character Amir was able to overcome his guilt of not preventing the violence against his friend Hassan by rescuing Hassan’s son over two decades after that incident. The book tells us that Amir carried the burden of guilt for the two decades for the mistake he committed of not helping his friend Hassan when he needed him most. However he finds atonement for this transgression when he rescues Hassan’s son from the orphanage in Kabul. Finding atonement from our sins is one of the best things we can do to our lives as it brings a great sigh of relief and helps us move on with life knowing we have done our best.
The statement above is very true as we face off different challenges in life. Some of these challenges might be difficult but is only through hard work and determination that we can achieve them. By working hard, we are able to see off these challenges in life. The same case applies to the mistakes that we face in our lives. It doesn’t matter the kind of mistake we commit, but how fast we acknowledge it and correct it. The faster we rise from a mistake, the better our lives will be and so we should always ensure no mistake holds us down. Some mistakes in life might be regrettable just like Amir’s mistake, but it is our duty to ensure we get past them. Any mistake committed should get treated as a learning experience. The experience itself should be used in ensuring we do not commit such mistakes again in the future. Our lives are full of mistakes, but we should not let them take control of the way we live it.
Since we are all bound to make mistakes at some point in our lives, we should find out ways in which to get over such mistakes. The first process would be to be good to ourselves no matter the situation. We should not fight ourselves for things we have done, we should find a way to calm ourselves and gain back our composure. The second process would be to acknowledge the events that led us into doing what we did. It will help us discover the root cause of the problem and help us in coming up with ways to get rid of the problem. The third process would involve addressing the problem facing us. After discovering the problem, we should be able to look into the problem and come up with a way to address that problem. The fourth process involves confronting our expectations. This process will enable us to look into the good things that we overlooked by trying to be hard on ourselves just for the mistake. The fifth and final step would involve trying to show love to ourselves. It is probably the hardest part in this process of trying to forgive oneself. This process will enable one to find redemption for whatever mistakes or sins one might have committed in the past.
However, the quote above can be analyzed differently. According to what we have learned in class, we must not let anything hold us down no matter what. Our lives are the most important gifts we have, and we should ensure nothing interferes with it. Any mistake committed should be used as a learning experience to ensure we do not commit them in the future. Amir was able to use his mistake of not helping his friend Hassan as a learning experience and was able to rescue his son decades later. According to my knowledge and experience, I have come to believe that no mistake should rule any person’s life. However, the magnitude of a mistake one must always look for a way to correct it. This way we will be able to live stress-free life, and our lives will be greatly enhanced. The statement by Joyce Meyer was true and so encouraging to any person that wishes to live a life of happiness.

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