Eulogy essay example

It has been said the people are not gauged by what they are; but in terms of what they have done for the greater benefit of others. It is true that I have successfully achieved my personal, academic, and professional goals in life. I have been acknowledged by my family members to be a loving, supportive and affectionate person. I have never given another person any reason to be hurt, prejudiced or discriminated on. I strongly believe in the ethics of reciprocity: to do unto others what others would do unto me. I have not delved into any endeavor which would enrich myself or serve a selfish interest. I affirm strict observance to the universal standards governing ethical, moral, and legal laws.
I then would like to be remembered as a fun and loving person to be with. My happy disposition have been acknowledged by loved ones and friends to be an influential drive that motivates others to assume an optimistic and positive stance in life. I would have wanted people to remember me for touching their lives in a profoundly uplifting manner; that which instrumentally contributed to an improvement in any way in their holistic well-being. I would have wanted to be remembered as a person who walked through life as a positively illuminating force that emulated the teachings of the Divine Power.
Finally, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone here who has likewise touched my life in one way or the other. The sharing of experiences enriched me and made my journey through life immensely productive and rewarding. Please remember me through all the happy moments; as I assure you that this is how I would remember all of you.