Essay on how to hook up a video game console

Video game consoles have evolved from cartridge type consoles to disk types and to pre-loaded and internet connected type devices since the introduction of the first ATARI and Magnavox releases in the 1970s to the 1980s. Most of the video game consoles created from the 1970s added a special feature that would allow the device to connect to a television set to fully enjoy the game and is still widely available in newer devices . They can also be an alternative now for DVD players and normal computer CPUs. With all these features, anyone would be tempted to buy it. But once you buy it, especially if you are not that savvy with cables and installing, how do you hook up a video game console?
Before hooking up the video game console, one must inspect the box if all the parts like power plugs, audio-video cords, adapters, controllers and the main device are included and intact. Newer video game consoles such as the Sony Playstation 3 and the Microsoft XBOX would require an extra cable known as the HDMI or the High-Definition Multimedia Interface for newer types of television sets such as HD (High Definition), Plasma, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), 3-D (Three Dimension) and Internet-connected sets which can be bought in computer and electronic stores or be included in the box. If all cables and the device are inspected, it is time to locate the audio-video output ports on the television set and in the device. Most standard definition television sets have these ports in the back while some have it on the front. They are usually two or three ports so if the audio-video cable has three plugs and you only have two, you can just use the red and yellow plugs. For HD/Plasma/LCD sets, the same method applies but there are cases that you need to buy an additional cable for the audio outputs as these sets have at least 5 or more different ports. For sets which have the HDMI feature, you only need to connect the cable to the HDMI port. If you have a home theater or entertainment system which you can connect the device into, only attach the video cords to the ports and attach the audio cord to the system. Normally this should be done with another separate cable as audio-video cords are normally attached next to each other, but they can also be found separately depending on the console ports. If the entertainment/home theater system has HDMI ports installed into them or you have an external HDMI device attached to the system, you can connect the HDMI cable to the system and then get another HDMI cable to connect to the television.
After securing these cords into place, connect the controllers in their proper ports found on front and plug in the AC or power cord on the device and plug it in a nearby socket which is compatible to the power requirement of the device. This may range from 110V to 240V depending on the version of the video console. Open up the console by pressing the power button which would light to green. The video game console would immediately take you to the set-up menu to customize the audio, video, internet and other related settings which are on preset mode depending on the television set and the system. The important things to set up are the video resolution, the audio output, and the controller pairings if the system runs with wireless controllers and the internet/Bluetooth/wireless networks. Once everything is set up, put in the game of your choice and enjoy playing with the video game console .

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