Essay on blackberry vs. iphone

With the developments in smart phones, there is an increase in the vendors that engage in smart phone industry. Blackberry has been the most used Smartphone in business as it becomes an invaluable tool for business. It has been the leading smart phone in the market. Although this is the case, the developments that were experienced with the introduction of the iPhone in the market have made the Blackberry to always be on the improvement phase of their products. While the iPhone is expected to always lead in the market, there are advanced features that have been introduced with the latest models of Blackberry. This paper will focus on the features of these two Smartphone models (Paananen, 2011).
In terms of size and bulkiness, they are both sleek and light and yet have many features that make them attractive. The iPhone has a single one-piece screen. The surface is shiny and attractive. On the other hand, the Blackberry has signature boards which make it easy for typing and testing messages. Composing emails is a simple process when one is using a Blackberry. With this feature, it eradicates the chances of one making mistakes while typing. The iPhone has a simple interface with bigger icons than those of the Blackberry. This is different with blackberries which have been designed in such a way that there is a trackball and a touch screen has made the Blackberry to close the gap in the difference. The Blackberry has also made it possible to personalize the sensitive trackball.
The screen of the iPhone is larger and has a higher resolution than that of the Blackberry. The screen size of that of the Blackberry is 2. 8’ while that of the iPhone is 3. 5’. This difference in the screen size is not that outstanding and is hard to recognize with a common user. When the decision of buying is going to be made, the determining procedure is harder because both phones offer the best features to the market especially when battery life is to be considered. One difference that could help buyers when making this decision is that of the standby time for both phones. The standby time for Blackberry is 12. 8 days while that of the iPhone is 8. 3 days. This makes choosing the Smartphone an easy process for average users. The choice will largely depend on the preference of an individual (Kaiser, 2011).

Messenger service

The Blackberry has a popular feature, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which received a wide acceptance and use. This service enables users to know when a message has been read by the recipient and when a message arrives. In the same breath, the iPhone has the same feature, iMessage, which enables it to have the same features with that of the Blackberry. Although the features are the same, they work differently.

Camera and memory

In terms of camera, the iPhone is better than Blackberry because it has 8-megapixels and 1080p video recorder. On the other hand, the camera on Blackberry is 5-megapixels and 720p HD video recorder. Most people prefer using the camera features of a Blackberry because it is sufficient for a mobile phone. The iPhone has a bigger memory compared to Blackberry. Although this is the case, the Blackberry is better than iPhone because it has a slot where additional memory can be slotted. The internal memory is not a big issue. The blackberry has a memory of 8GB while the iPhone has a memory of 16GB, 32GB, and 66GB capabilities. This will largely depend on the use of the phone (Allen, Graupera, & Lundrigan, 2010).).


The good thing about Smartphones is that they can be installed with applications that will help in undertaking some functionality. It is found out that the applications that can be installed in the iPhone are easy to use and flexible. Most of the applications that are used by blackberry are not innovative at all. Most of them have a lot of bugs. On the other hand, the applications that are used by the iPhone have been the basis for the phone since its inception. There has been the development of the iPhone applications which are very innovative and productive. Application developers are encouraged to come up with their own smart phone applications and market them. This is the reason why there are a lot of applications that are used by the iPhone. They make the experience of using the smart phone a lively experience. Although there are many applications which are considered to be useless and add no value to smart phone, there are hundreds of others which are available and make smart phones easy to use (Paananen, 2011).

Personal and business functional use

The development of the blackberry was with business in mind. There are office capabilities like email and Microsoft Exchange server which makes it easy to be used for business purposes. On the other hand, the iPhone was initially suitable for personal use. With the iPhone, it was interesting to install applications and play games at ease from the comfort of user’s palm. This is gradually changing with business applications being installed. The installation of Microsoft Exchange server was a huge step towards this direction (Paananen, 2011).


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