Energy technology data center migration case study solution

Brian Smith, electronic network administrator at Advanced EnergyTechnology(AET), has been given theresponsibilityof implementing the migration of a large data center to a new office location. Careful planning is needed beca aim AET operates in the highly competitive petroleum industry. AET is one of five field computer software companies that provide an accounting and business management box for oil jobbers and gasoline distributors.

A few years ago, AET jumped into the practical application service provider world. Their large data center provides clients with outback(a) access to AETs complete suite of application software systems. Traditionally, one of AETs primary competitive advantages has been the companys trademark IT reliability. Due to the compositeity of this regard, Brian will have to use a parallel method of implementation. Although this will increase intention costs, a parallel approach is essential if reliability is not to be compromised.

Currently, AETs data center is located on the second floor of a renovated old bank mental synthesis in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. The company is moving to a new, one-level construction located in the recently developed industrial complex at the Corvallis International Airport. On February 1, Brian is formally assigned the line by the Vice-President of Operations, Dan Whitmore, with the following guidelines: From start to finish, it is anticipated the entire determine will take three to four months to complete. It is essential that AETs 235 clients suffer no downtime.

Whitmore advises Brian to come back to the Executive delegacy on February 15, with a presentation on the background signal of the project that includes costs, firstcut timeline, and proposed project team members. Brian had some preliminary discussions with some of AETs managers and directors from each of the functional departments and then arranged for a full-day scope meeting on February 4 with a few of the managers and technical… If you expect to get a full essay, order it on our website Outline / Highlights: Case Advantage Energy Technology Data Center Migration Brian smith network administrator

Advanced Energy Technology (AET) Implementing migration of large data center to a new office location Petroleum industry 1 of 5 national software companies that provide accounting and business management package for oil jabbers and gasoline distributors Provide remote access to AET’s complete suite of software Due to complexity use parallel method of implementation – This will lead to high project costs / but provide reliability Continue to provide IT reliability Currently AET’s data center is located on 2nd floor of old renovated bank building in downtown Corvallis, Oregon Company is moving to new 1-story bldg. ndustrial complex at Corvallis International Airport on February 1st. Assigned task by Vice-President of Operations, Dan Whitmore Completion date is 3 – 4 months.

Complete no later than June 1st 235 clients suffer no downtime Come back on Feb 15th with presentation of Project Scope INCLUDING cost, ‘ first cut” timeline and proposed project team members Full Scope Meeting Feb 4th with Managers, technical representatives from Operations, Systems, facilities, and applications SCOPE IS: 3 – 4 months is a feasible project timeline and 1st cut estimate is $80, 000. 00 – $90, 000. 0 (includes infrastructure upgrade to new site) Critical no downtime – Need to rely on remote disaster recovery “ hot” site for full functionality Personnel Brian is Project Manager 1 person each from: facilities Operations Systems Operations Telecommunications Systems Applications Customer Service First meeting with team is March 1st. This is the initial task After meeting hire contractors to renovate new data center Also need to figure out how to design the network Screening and hiring contractor will take 1 week. Network Design 2 weeks Needs new ventilation system has lead time of 3 weeks

Needs Ambient temperature of 67 degrees for equipment Order racks for switches, servers, and other network devices Racks have two-week delivery time Replace all power supplies and data cables NEED TO ORDER (1 week time frame to order lead time) Ventilation and racks need to be done first Time frame for ventilation system is 1 week Time frame for racks installation is 3 weeks Construction will take 20 days Once construction begins and before Brian installs the ventilation system, and racks, the city inspector must approve the construction of the raised floor.

City Inspector will take two days to inspect Infrastructure Once construction begins it will take 20 days After city inspection and after new power supplies and cables have arrived Brian can install power supplies and run the cables Estimation of completion is 5 days to install the power supplies and 1 week to install data cables NEED SWITCHOVER APPROVAL from all functional units before taking network offline, and switching to hot site Meetings with all functional units will take 1 week. During this time check voltage and make sure it is sufficient Requires 1 day.

After completion of power check it will take one week to install test servers, batteries need to be charged, ventilation installed, test servers up and running before Management can sign off that new infrastructure is safe. THIS WILL TAKE 2 days Then sign off systems check, taking one day of intense meetings and then set official date of network move. Move will take place on weekend in 2 days. Assignment is:

  • Generate a priority matrix for AET’s system move
  • Develop a WBS for Brian’s project. Include duration (days) and predecessors
  • Using a project planning tool, generate a network diagram for this entire project.

Base your plan on the following guidelines: 8 hour days, 7 day weeks, no holiday breaks, March 1st, 2010 is the project start date. Assignment requirements This Portfolio Project will consist of a scholarly paper (in APA format) and a PowerPoint presentation. You may select anycase study(other than those used in other class assignments) or a case study from another source (must be approved in advance by the instructor). You should write your paper and make your presentation from the standpoint of a hired business consultant. The project will address the following elements: (1) What is the current situation? 2) What needed to happen? (3) What are the constraints? (4) What resources are required? (5) Who is responsible for the resources? (6) What is the timeframe of the project (including sequencing of sub tasks)? (7) What are the costs associated with the project (or not doing the project, or even failing)? (8) What is the return on investment for the project? (9) What is the risk assessment for the project? (10) What is the method for tracking the progress of the project? For the project, you are required to present a summary of the case study.

This summary should contain enough information so the reader understands the situation presented in the case study. You will then complete all the questions presented with the case study (as applicable). While all the questions, including the 10 elements listed above, need to be answered within your paper; please do not just list the questions and then the answers. You are expected to incorporate the questions presented in your discussion. The PowerPoint presentation will be based on your paper. This is where you will present the findings of your research.

You PowerPoint will need to present the current situation and then present your findings and solutions. There should be no new information in your PowerPoint presentations as you are presenting your paper. Your presentation should last 10 – 15 minutes (based on the content of the “ script”). The main body of your paper is expected to be at least 10 pages. (You will have several charts and diagrams in your paper to address the elements above. ) In addition, you will need to use at least five (5) external resources to support your recommendations and findings. At least three (3) of these resources need to come from the school online library.