Endless growing

My academic achievements in top ranked Armenian schools as the Lacey after Anania Shirakatsy and Ayb senior school, my musical education, my ability quickly perceive the environment and natural aspiration to mobilize surrounding people have all helped me to design my goal. I have always seek the best and demanding education,  I have developed strong leadership skills, and have learned to interact with a wide variety of people while studying in 3 different schools during 11 years of education. Feeling the economic hardship of my family and the whole country on myself, I definitely decided to consist in the business sphere, in order to live more saturated and self-sufficient life and to help my country to overcome long lasting economic difficulties. My father someday thought me to shatter а chicken egg by squeezing it in one palm. He said that I should have a principle: if there is no room for doubt when you get ready to shatter an egg, if all of your mind power and all your energy are given, the egg will be smashed. I realized this, and with some practice now I can shatter an egg easily. I realize that the same principle works towards any challenge and set goal. I believe that I deserve this scholarship because I always give my best at whatever I do. This is main reason for my success. Not always I ended my challenges with success. Sometimes there were attempts that ended in discouragement. But I knew I could get bigger. It’s true, we can always get bigger. Everyone can get bigger in ability, bigger in experience, bigger in wisdom, bigger in faith. We can always get bigger. Every time I fail, I experience a unique opportunity to grow, to get bigger. I am not a fan of failure. But because of it, I am bigger now than I have ever been. I’m big enough today to handle the desired education in AUA that comes my way. And what’s better, I’m not done growing.   What I know is this: when I need to, I can always get bigger.