Employability and professional development assignment

This assignment may be completed through reflecting on your current employment situation; perhaps you are performing a Job role and wish to apply for promotion to the next level of responsibility by demonstrating to your employer your current employability through the Job that you do. You may wish to develop skills which will make you more employable in the future.

If you are not in employment, but, possess previous employment experience in various Job roles, and you are currently developing your computing skills and knowledge through studying for your Deduced alleviation, you should reflect on the previous experience, and choose to target a particular employment sector and organization, e. G. The computing Industry and BABE Systems, which you intend to enter for future employment. For both situations it is important that you recognize the range of personal development opportunities available to you both in and out of the workplace.

Note: Contact your tutor to discuss your choice of employment scenario. 3 Assignment Task using the details given In the scenario, you are required to address the following individual work related tasks. In order to assist with your learning and to give you mom early feedback you are encouraged to submit a draft of your answer to your tutor. This is optional and does not contribute to the grading for the module and whether you do this or not you must still submit a complete answer to the assignment.