“effects of education”

What would our world be like if everyone graduated from high school? Everyone that has a chance to graduate high school will go to college.

If everyone had a quality education, people would become intelligent and be able to cure diseases and create new inventions. The purpose of this essay is to show the effects of getting a good education. Education can open a lot of doors to many more opportunities. Therefore, graduating and going to college can open doors to good jobs. Good jobs can help people with getting money to help support a person. By graduating and going to college, a person can become intelligent and start to build your skills.

By going to college, people can really get a good job and education. If people go to school, people can solve problem because they are more intelligent; however, people that are intelligent will be able to do big things like cure aids and cancer. People being able to invent new things to solve world problems. These intelligent people will be able to stop globe warming and diseases. Getting smarter and being able to solve diseases, will lead the world to become a better place with intelligent people.

Therefore, if everyone had access to a great education, people would get into really good and challenging colleges. The colleges that you go to will give you good education and then you can get the jobs you want.