Discussion research methods

Research area 2 about improving the services offered by the library Research questions What measures can be taken in order to influence to engage in textbooks?
2. How is this plan going to be implemented?
3. What contingent plans should be put in order to improve the capability of the members of staff to help students engage in textbooks.
Training and development
If a gap like the one mentioned above has been identified, it is imperative for the responsible authorities to implement training and development programs that are meant to equip the people involved with the right skills and knowledge to execute the tasks expected of them.
Through training, an experienced person in a particular subject guides the less experienced people and teaches them about different aspects related to a certain field so that they can improve their performance.
Training involves learning where the learners gain more knowledge about a particular subject. Through learning, a person acquires new knowledge form another person who is knowledgeable in that particular field. This will also help the learner to be capable of performing various tasks especially at work.
On the other hand, development is also concerned with improving the skills of people so that they can improve their performance at work. An experienced person can develop the junior employees in the organization so that they can effectively execute their tasks.
Both training and development are specifically meant to improve the knowledge and skills of the employees so that they can improve their performance in the organization. This is meant to improve productivity in the organization since all the people involved would be better positioned to know what would be expected of them.
Both training and development can be done within the job or outside the workplace.
During work, employees can be trained or developed by experienced people to be effective in their operations. They are taught how to perform certain tasks so that they can be effective in their work.
In some cases, employees can undergo short courses outside the company where they are trained about certain aspects of their profession. This is usually done through workshops or seminars where the participants are taught new things that can be used to improve their performance.
The participants are usually divided into small groups and they share their knowledge about different aspects that would be the focus of training. After different plenary sessions, the trainees will give feedback and this information will be used to generate new knowledge that can be utilised to improve the effectiveness of the people involved.
Basically, training and development are more concerned with generating new knowledge that can be used to improve the performance of the employees in the organization. Development also helps to improve the skills of the employees so that they can also improve productivity in the organization.