Discussion question about teaching

Do you believe in bilingual education is a good idea in our schools or not?
In practice, this is a complicated question. Too often, students are taught exclusively in their native language, and never encouraged to learn the new language. Research bears out, it takes years to develop an understanding of a new language, so it is beneficial for the student to continue learning in their home language and allow time to solidify knowledge in the new language.
One has to ask, does bi-lingual education mean teaching all ELL learners in predominant ELL language of the geographical area? If not, then how could students of more obscure languages find adequate instruction; surely, not all public schools can accommodate Vietnamese or Russian students without greatly sacrificing the quality of instruction.
In theory, I don’t think there should be a question of whether it’s necessary. A democratic society doesn’t have to ask if it “ believes” in multi-culturalism, as pluralism is inherent in the very foundation of our republic. What I know, is that by not encouraging bilingualism and progressively defined education, our nation will distinguish the flame of creativity that has carried America to international prominence over the last two centuries.