Discuss the issues of domestic violence and how best to respond to the following case:

Domestic Violence Globally, issues of domestic violence have emerged, and in many cases, some wonder how to respond to the case. For instance, in this case, the officer is in a complex situation that demands wisdom to respond to the case effectively. In brief, this case present a man that claims to have undergone domestic violence, which has made him suffer emotionally, social isolation, and depression. In his marriage, he claims to have hit his wife once or twice but recently, he had no altercations with her. While he was in bed, his wife hit him over the head repeatedly with a hard object, which he assumes may have been a metal cooking pan. This story seems to run in number of cases observed in domestic violence globally. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the case described by this man is true. I would take various actions as the officer in this case.
First, I would request this man to call witnesses on his behalf, who in this case might have heard commotions or suspected domestic violence. Secondly, I would request the man to record all abusive incidences, including the time and date of the incidence. This would enable him to submit evidences as part of his case. Thirdly, I would press charges against the man for, having confessed that he twice hit his wife. As the officer, I would ensure that proper judgment towards this action is imposed. To ensure this, I would conduct investigations to figure out what led to the crime. In this case, I would search for the perpetrator, to find out whether this aligns with the defendant claims. Having done all this, there would be adequate evidence to prove who is innocent in the case, and after the judgment is done, the one who losses the case would be jailed (Shipway, 2004).
Shipway, L. (2004). Domestic violence: a handbook for health professionals. London: Routledge Publisher