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European Impact on the Shaping of the Cultural and Political Geographies of the Caribbean BasinThe Caribbean basin culture is considered to be vastly influenced by European culture because it was the region where Europeans were brought as indentured servants. During the warfare between Europeans and Spanish region, it was estimated that a lot of cultural and political revolution was marked in Caribbean basin as British, Italy and France were successful to make their way in Caribbean Basin. It should be noted that the arrival of British, Italy and France was undertaken in Caribbean basin because they want to initiate colonies for economical transition. This impact of European culture on Caribbean basin is evident in the present as well. The impact is clearly visible from arts and literature of the region. Painters continue to focus European ways of expressing societal structures and methods of governance. Diversity of nations and people coming from different backgrounds have created European way of culture i. e. multiculturalism (Houston).
The reason behind the cycle of poverty in which the region is still seemed to be trapped would be the economic chaos which was marked in Caribbean after the revolution of slaves. Many masters were abandoned by their slaves (Houston). It is due to this reason that the owners of sugar cane business were not able to sustain effective trade of sugar canes (which was one of the finest trade good by the region because of suitable climate characteristic).
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