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Re: Design Chapters – Summary

Both consider design as a system for solving majority of problems in design through openness and flexibility considers design as a process that must be able to generate, evaluate and specify designs in an intelligent and systematic manner. Second author looks at variant design which modifies certain parameters of existing products leading to development of a more robust design. It involves modifying a subsystem without changing its configurations.
Both are built to solve a problem. Author believes communication between stakeholders is a key to solving majority of the problems. The other author looks at stimulating, innovating and creative solution to problems, ensuring that there are all elements required for successful design.
Consider design as a process. Author identifies product design as a system divided into three major phases; understanding the opportunity, development of a viable concept and finally implementing the concept. Other author considers design as a system that offers services to clients’ objectives and user needs enabling access specific challenges.
The two consider communication as a tool to the success of the system. Author considers communication within stakeholder while the other considers communicating the results.


Considers several models used to increase the chances of success. Most common is waterfall model and spiral model. Other author considers understanding the design phase, assists the engineers in identifying the needs and planning for the design process developing engineering concepts necessary for the design process to succeed.
In conclusion, one looks at the problem aspect of the system, with majority ill-defined designs. Fabrication materials specifications also pose a major challenge. Nevertheless, a number of solutions exist for these design problems. Other author looks at ensuring the process is a success, it largely focus on providing products that have high market demand