Dealing with change

Dealing with Change I have been set a task which is a short piece of writing which concerns a ‘ big change’ within my life. The ‘ big change’ which I have decided to focus on is the change to university life. In more detail, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the amount of work and exams within my business course. The way in which I dealt with this change at the start of my university experience is that by attending every lecture and workshop helped me widen my knowledge due to the lack of experience and knowledge of business as a subject in the past. I believe this relates to Kotter and Schlesinger’s theories of Education and Communication — ‘ educate people about it before hand. Communication of ideas helps people see the need for and the logic of a change’ (Kotter and Schlesinger 1979) and the theory of Facilitation and Support — ‘ people being supportive, this process might include providing training in new skills, or giving employees time off after a demanding period, or simply listening and providing emotional support’ (Kotter and Schlesinger 1979). These are related to how I dealt with my change because, within lectures and workshops I get wider base of knowledge to use in coursework and exam situations, also understanding of the criteria of the subject. The information which I received gave me the opportunity to keep on top of my work which I was set within my workshops, therefore I could expand my knowledge from this work and also be equipped for the next sessions, so I can be involved and contribute my thoughts and prospective within the workshops and lectures. By contributing and being involved with the sessions I am using another of Kotter and Schlesinger’s theories ‘ Participation and Involvement’ because I am participating in workshops so I can share my knowledge, learn from others and learn from mistakes because the teacher will be sure to correct me if I am misinterpreting the issues in the session. I found talking with fellow students a worthy attribute because I could ask any queries I may have within any of the topics. This relates to Kotter and Schlesinger’s theory of ‘ Facilitation and Support’ because my fellow students are helping me to understand and overcome the problems and queries I have by supporting and sharing their knowledge so I have no concerns with the change I am dealing with. In conclusion, I have found that Kotter and Schlesinger’s theories of dealing with change can be very relevant to the change in which I’m dealing with at this time. Therefore, with their research I can have a better understanding of how and why I am dealing with my change in these specific ways. However some of their theories are not so relevant to my change but I can relate them to other changes which have occurred in my life experiences and understand any changes which transpire in the future.