Cyber bullying: overview

In these days, internet has become a vital part of our life – both in working or killing time. We may even regard this invisible site as an epitome of our society in reality. Therefore, every phenomenon that takes place in the internet somehow is a projection from out real life.

While, bullying, is transformed to a phenomenon in the internet that called cyber-bullying. Why is this happened? The reason’s simple – people’s being more and more catty. It’s because, cyber bullyinghurts more deeply, and these evil wounds may keep bleeding for ever…

Bullying in the reality mainly hurt victims physically, while it could also hurt one’s self-esteem -For example, verbal insulting… etc. But still, victims could have chance to escape from those beliers, and it would be more easier for adults to trace for evidence hence preventing this happen again. But cyber bullying is a touchy issue to deal with.

First, cyber bully are usually sly – they could delete the evidence once the victim strike by just pressing a button on the keyboard. Then, the bully would not need to be punished because the evidence disappeared suddenly. Then the victim will certainly be kept on insulted by the bully.

Where you may say you could avoid having contact with the internet, but can you? As I said, nowadays, the internet had become a vital part in our daily life, can you avoid accessing to it? And once you get to the internet, could you control your curiosity? Even you can, how about your MSN, inbox, Facebook or Myspace ? Those nasty messages can’t be edited by you and, they will just be right there forever if you don’t take any action. It would be read by any one including yourself. And this will turnout to become a kind of bullying in the reality. People will laught at you because of the message about you in the internet. It’s only a vicious cycle. Everything will turn sour and blue if you just keep on being a silent victim.

And eventually, you will terminate your life to relief your suffrage, pressure, pain, anger… etc. While the bully may just laughing at your death, while, who love you will burst into tears for your death. Death is absolutely not a solution for a problem! The best way to deal with bullying or cyber bullying is to stand out and face the problem positively. You may keep the evidence but not just ignoring them. Talk this issue with your parents and teachers, they will give you wise advices. If the situation’s really worst, you may also seek help from the police force too.

Our society won’t accept the existence of any kind of bullying. Everyone would try their best to help you – you are not alone! But remember, never revenage. If you did this, you will just become another bully. Remember, anger is a poison – it eats you inside. Without your support, bullying still exist as we may have a devil mind. Let’s to create a harmony society in the future together.