Crime essay essay sample

Most criminals are set free once they finish their jail terms. Is the reintroduction of criminals in societies is justified? Place your views in no less than 250 words.

In the recent years, crime rate is spreading out dramatically in every conrner of the world. There is a biggest concern for governments to bring criminals back to society after they fulfil their terms in prision. In fact, a large majority of offenders would re-offend and commit crimes again. Number of causes will be given forward in this essay.

In the first place, the situation that prisioners have not updated about global news and not been trained for working skills would make them difficult to get jobs later on. In order to survive, consequently, they have no way to commit crimes again. According to some publications, nearly 80% of criminals will be driven to crime again especially some petty crimes like shoft-lifting, theft or burglary, to satisfy their essential needs. Besides, there are also more and more limitations to their possibility of having regular earnings such as limited connections with community, friends, families, etc. It represents one of the most serious problem which authorities need to curb.

Secondly, public awareness accounts for main reason which results in reoffended activities. Even criminals are well rehabilitated, obtained some good skills knowledge during jail period, and ready to start a fresh life, it seems not so easy for them to be re-associated with the society. People could always have discriminated views on their behaviors whatever it is positive of not. It all makes them feel isolated so they would commit crimes again to fight for live or even leap to revenged actions to public. To conlude, it is irrefutable that the crime rates commited by criminals after they complete jail terms becomes a headache for governments. However, I believe that we can minimize the garavity of such situation by taking some proper solutions such as allowing criminals to attend vocational courses, bring them opportunities to have experiences in community services.