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Leaders and managers usually have vital roles within an organization that are paramount to its success. The two groups however, have unique responsibilities and are considered to be the backbone of any organization and utmost necessity in creating and maintaining a healthy organizationalculturewithin an organization. Managers provide an organization with some sense of direction in terms of defining the mission and vision to be focused on by the organization, while leaders provide the company with the technical maintenance that will keep it business and increase in profitability. Managers are the main people within an organization that look specifically at the individual’s performance at moment while leaders look at a team and their future prospects (Maundy, 2001)

Managers within an organization do the planning for most of the sectors such as financial, marketing of products, policy formulation, and control of the major assets. They also exercise their power on any issue arising such as the decision making processes. In addition, they build industry standards for the company products, set systems running and document procedures that guide other employees within the company. The leaders in an organization are responsible for building the large workforce and human resources within the company.  These leaders also inspire, mentor, set examples, innovate and revolutionize all the employees within the organization in order to achieve the best from them and also achieve the organizationgoalsand objectives. (Maundy, 2001)

Four mistakes of project management in Concordia Company

Looking at the Concordia Company, in terms of CAPS projects management, it becomes clear that the company project management failed in its core activities that are needed for any company in order to function well. The four functions of management that are important in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture that will ensure an organization achieves its vision and mission are namely; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. All these functions of management centre on the application ofleadershipand managerial knowledge required in the development of Concordia Company. Hence, these are the management issues that the company project management failed to address.

1. Poor Planning

This is the process of developing the company’s mission and defining specific methods of accomplishing it. It can be on a broader or narrow perspective depending on the scope of the goal. (Maundy, 2001) Planning comes in a number of ways since all sectors in the Concordia company or rather any other business require some form of planning in order to stick to what has been planned.  First, there is financial planning which entails the budgeting allocations for all the projects being undertaken within the company. It also includes the setting and monitoring the financial spending of the Concordia Company in view of auditing any misappropriation of funds. Provision of benefits, compensations and salaries are also taken care of at this stage. Another section of the company that needs planning is the policy formulation section. This is critical in that as a profit making company, strategies must be placed correctly to counter marketing issues such as competition from companies which manufacture the same product and the production of counterfeit products which affects the company’s reputation. Local policy development, creation and implementation come hand in hand with policy planning. Human resource planning is crucial to achieving the best from employees.  Planning its recruitment, hiring, evaluating, training and maintaining the caliber of the workers in Concordia is important ensuring that skilled and technical staffs are employed in the company who are capable of handling the implementing the company upgrading projects.

2. Poor Organizing

Organizing is how the internal structure of the company is set. It generally focuses on the division, coordination of activities and how tasks are controlled within the company.

General company procedure demand good organization from the leaders and managers. At Concordia for example the management is responsible for organizing the annual general meetings that brings together all the stakeholders on board. They also organize daily and monthly meetings within the specific affiliate subsidiaries when an issue arises. Proper organization of a meeting or how a project will be conducted results in a successful project. (Maundy, 2001)

3. Poor Leading

Leadership is also described as directing people to do specific duties by influencing their personal behavior through incentives andmotivation, teamwork, individual dynamics and discipline. The core purpose of leadership is to channel all the employees’ behavior towards attaining the company’s objectives. (Maundy, 2001)  Leadership is thus essential in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture within Concordia. Leading does not necessarily come from who is in power but from any individual who provides information and suggestions on the way forward. Decision making within Concordia rests on the shoulders of the managers and leaders in the company who failed in providing proper leadership in directing the company project

4. Poor Controlling

Controlling is a sequential process that considers the establishment of performance standards that are in line with the company’s goals and objectives. It deals with the measurement, monitoring and reporting the actual performance level of the company and finally recommending the necessary actions that should be taken on board to rectify any misconception. For any company to achieve its best properly instituted control measures should be put in place in order to have thing done the way it is suppose to. At Concordia,

Leaders and managers failed to control almost every aspect of the company’s projects. There were no specific supervisors to strictly ensure that design rules are adhered to while the projects are being implemented. (Maundy, 2001)

Set goals and objectives for Concordia Company

This is the core role of both leaders and managers in an organization. The objectives and the goals of the company should provide and insight to what the company is up to. Within Concordia Company in this case, the main objective is to implement new CAPS project that will enhance the efficiency of the company and it to be more modernized in terms ofcommunication. It is the leaders and managers that ensure that Concordia Company aims towards this objective. (Sparrow and Hilltop, 1994)

Improving management structure

Hill and Jones (2001) clearly state that, Organization structure of any organization is the most important aspect of the ensuring success of the organization.

Setting up a suitable organizational structure requires a strategic planning and objective of the specific organization by taking into consideration the aspired organization objective, determining on proper organization structure and recognizing the crucial activity areas in the organization. This is a vital fist step in solving organization management problems. Before Concordia Company undertaking any changes, the management must agree on a structure which can be able to support organization’s strategic direction being undertaken and organization culture and climate they target to create. This will necessitate reviewing the meetings and also communication structures to make sure that staffs that are not in the top level management also get an opportunity to give their ideas and contribute in discussion with their colleagues. This will improve the current organizational structure of management and ensure that the company runs smoothly.

Create frequent reviews

To achieve more and create a more effective organization management that will be able to achieve the goals and objectives of the company, the management can arrange frequent reviews of how effective the management structure is. Analyze the suitability of each management structure against suggested newer objectives and strategies. Make evaluations of the company management structures against the existing organizational structure and climate. This will enable the company to make individual changes to constituents and or to the whole structure. The company should carry out a major review annual as a major part of reviewing and adjusting set annual objectives and strategies. At these annual reviews small and major changes can be agreed upon to adjust the management structure to match the new requirement proposed by revived operational and strategic objectives. (Hill and Jones, 2001)


Communication is notably the most important factor and step required for the achievement of improved degree of satisfaction among various groups of employees

Hill and Jones (2001) observes that many communication problems in organizations result from poor structural planning of the employees by the managers, such problems include; confusion about the level of power in an organization and also about the remuneration systems, late issue of job descriptions and contracts, also the lack of adequate and timely introduction of new employees in the organization, here we find that Concordia Company has failed to have an effective communication structure. Hence, it is important that communication channels have to be enhanced whereby its employees and management will communicate openly and freely to ensure that disagreement don’t occur because of lack of proper communication. In general effective and efficient communication in the company between its workforce, and the management will see the company achieve its objectives and targets.

Monitor the company’s progress

Managers and leaders within Concordia Company are the main movers that the organization depends on in order to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture within the company. These roles cut across the board to include all the sectors in the company. The management should monitor the progress of the company and where there is any negative progress, they should provide guidance and direction and if there is an improvement it passes the information to the other employees and congratulates them for a job well done. (Hill and Jones, 2001)

Proper recruitment and staffing process

Employees’ selection is important as it is a way in which a company ensures that it obtains the right human resource for specific job. Employee sourcing is very important in organization. It consists of administration, performance and staffing. All these are interrelated activities that are carried out in an organization. Management and staffing activities help in ensuring that employees with right or desired skills are recruited. The employees have also to be in the right numbers desired by the organization. Concordia Company Management in this case needs to have been concerned with ensuring that employees recruited are the right ones in terms of numbers and skills. The recruitment processes should have ensured that, the company gets the best staff that can improve and add value to the company, and help the company in attaining its vision and mission. (Sparrow and Hilltop, 1994)

Making project management work at Concordia Company more effective

As noted earlier, organization structure of any organization is the most important aspect of the ensuring success of the organization. Thus, to make the project management of Concordia Company be more effective, the structure of the management at the company has to be restructured in way that it is more responsive and effective in the way it deals with management issues. Also the company needs to have proper policies; Policies are the main movers of a company in terms of the strategic tackling of important issues. Policies range from legal restrictions, industry standards, competitors advantage and company regulations. Concordia Company has to formulate good policies that can be used to achieve its projects. Close working relationship between the central management and other departments also will ensure that good working climate is achieved and allow efficiency and effectiveness in implementation of policies and procedures undertaken by the project management. (Thomson and Rampton, 2003)

Communication is notably the most important factor and step required for the achievement of improved degree of satisfaction among various groups of employees in an organization. Project management work at the company can be more effective if there are good communications channels among the project manager and the rest of the staff of the company. Communication is the ideal tool for making sure that the company creates and maintains a healthy organizational culture within it which will enhance the working relations of the employees of the company and assist the project manager in achieving the set goal and objectives of the project. Proper communication will also ensure thathuman rights, work ethics and safety measures are upheld within the company so that a positiveenvironmentfor working is created. Incidences such as workplace harassment are dealt with according to the company’s regulations and laws. This will motivate the staff working in the company which will go along way in helping the project management work more effectively. (Thomson and Rampton, 2003)


Creating a compatible management structure is the first step in ensuring that the objectives, goals and strategies of the organization will be achieved.  Without a robust management structure that will be apt to the size and complexity of an organization and its stated objectives, the stated objectives will not be realized. As Hill and Jones, (2001) notes, proper organization structure in an organization are the driving force in employees achieving the organization objectives. Good organization structure creates effective management of a company and ensures that the management can achieve its main objectives of organizing, leading, controlling and planning. Concordia Company has had problems with implementing its project, because it lacked proper management strategies of all the four main functions of management. Thus it is important that the company review its management structure, creates good communication channels and employees the right staff to achieve its objectives and goals. Otherwise the company will continue to have problems in achieving its goals.


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