I personally do not believe that Carmilla is Capable of feeling human love. Throughout the story, Carmilla spends a great amount of time talking about love and her ideals of love- even claiming that Laura would die for her because of the love they feel. There are also two lines in the first part of this story that stick out to me. The first one being “ You will think me cruel, very selfish, but love is always selfish;”. In my opinion, love is the least selfish emotion there ever was (or can be). When you’re in love, the only thing you care about is the other person. You stop caring about yourself, because your main goal in life is to make the other happy.

The other line that sticks out is plain and bold, and a huge reason I believe Carmilla can never love: “ I have been in love with no one, and never shall.” Carmilla states herself that she never wants to be in love, or love anyone besides Laura. However, I believe the claim that she loves Laura is only part of the trick she is playing on the family.

One last thing that convinces me that Carmilla will never love is the fact that love is usually (especially in that time period) based on the Christian religion. Carmilla has severe negative reactions when it comes to Christianity, whether it be hymns or prayers. Love was viewed as a bond made by God, preplanned before any person’s existence. I do not believe Carmilla could indulge in such a religious emotion.