Car hub assembly

Car Hub Assembly
The performance of an automobile is mostly credited to the engine being used, but other car parts should also be considered. The wheel hub assembly is one such part that is overlooked when maintaining the vehicle. The wheel assembly hub is located between the brake pads and the axle. They contain the bolts that lug nuts are bolted onto when securing the wheels. This car part is mounted onto the holding bracket of the vehicle chassis. The wheel assembly hubs come in different shapes depending on the company it was produced. The Assembly hub size depends on the vehicle.
Type 1
Type 2
The wheel hub assembly ensures that the driver drives smoothly by reducing the effort required to control the vehicle. It contains the wheel bearings which should be regularly greased to reduce friction. The wheel bearings allow the vehicles wheels to rotate steadily and gently. The wheel bearings are found between the wheels and the axles thus support the weight of the car. A new wheel hub assembly will allow the driver to use little effort when controlling a loaded vehicle. Another function of the wheel hub assembly is to secure the wheel to the car. The wheel hub assembly should be checked regularly to ensure that the nuts are firm, and the bearings are intact. This measure helps to prevent accidents that can be caused if the wheels were to pop out causing the driver to lose of control over the automobile (Knowles, 2005).
The wheel hub assembly is prone to damage due to its support and load bearing roles in a vehicle. Other causes of damage to the wheel hub include overloading the vehicle and speeding maneuvers. Some indicators to a damaged wheel hub assembly include grinding noise from the wheels and steering wander. Wheel hub assembly should be replaced when the driver notices that the bearings are damaged to avoid accidents and uncomfortable driving. The advantage of hub bearing over using bearings alone is the ease of replacing the hub bearing. Replacing the wheel hub assembly can be done at home with the necessary tools. The car owner can also visit an auto shop to have the replacement done.
The rate of wear of the wheel hub assembly depends on the purpose of the vehicle, the road used and the location of the car. Vehicles situated in salted areas need regular replacement as salt destroys the bearings. Poor roads cause strain to the wheel thus damages the bearings. The bearings of the front wheel are replaced first as they are prone to the stress of turning. Replacing bearings in pairs save the driver time, and money due to the regular visits to the auto shop (Erjavec, 2010).
New wheel hub assembly in the market may be equipped with anti lock brake systems and speed governors. These additions make them expensive compared to simpler models in the market. Models with these additional features have a wire connected to the wheel hub assembly. The bolt and nut, the bearings and the plates holding them is the other parts of a wheel hub assembly.
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