Better be safe than take risks essay sample

To live is to risk: Everything that we do is filed with unexpected danger. We see that even such routine activities as crossing the road is dangerous. In fact there have been situations when even the most harmless activities have become life threatening. For instance the farmer in Lim Chu Kang, who was in the toilet, did not expect to die through a plane crashing into what could be considered as one of the safest places in the world. It is therefore not truly possible to take precautions to prevent all dangers. Such being the case, does it make sense to try to be safe always and avoid risks? Determinists argue that since we can never really predict dangers, we should live life as it comes – leaving everything to fate. This is indeed the belief among many people, though there are degrees of variability. An extreme case exists where a tribe of people , refused to vacate their village ; even though it was in the way of a flow of lava from a volcanic eruption. They insisted that if the gods sent lava to destroy them, getting out of the way would be disobedience to the gods! The whole village perished. This is , of course , determinism in the extreme. The logical position lies somewhere in between. It is the duty of every human to live life to the fullest and in order to this , he ought to take every precaution and avoid risks to life.

There are , however , areas in life where we have to take risks in order to live better. Often we may be happy in certain positions but may forego the situation and take the plunge into something a little risky , but giving good returns if successful. These include situations like job changes , leaving the security of a job and going into business and emigration. For instance if we are in a good position , we should not avoid risking it if a better opportunity comes along. People take risks everyday and more often than not benefit from them. These are risks in business , in choices of careers and other risks from which there is always hope of making good or of recovering. Not to take any risk is to live a life of quiet desperation and waiting for things to happen to one. It also means not really living but merely existing. Such a life would be dull indeed. In conclusion , I am of the view that we should take risks if there are fair chances of success. However risks should only be in matters other than life. Life is much too precious to be risked for anything less than it.