Assesment business administration assignment

How prepared am I for online study success? 1 . Use the box below to introduce yourself in less than 50 words. You may wish to include in your introduction any specific learning objectives you want to achieve through studying this course. Hi my name is Laura and I am 23 years old. I applied for this course because I have dreamed of becoming a successful business women. With the demands of family life and working I have not been able to have time to go to college and learn this subject. Hello Laura. It is good to have dreams.

As someone a lot older than you, I would say follow your dreams and do everything you can to make them come true. I always wanted to go to university and I achieved this in my late ass’s. At the time I had five children, the oldest 19 and the youngest was born in my second year at University. Since then I have my BAA(Hon.), a Masters degree, and a teaching and assessing qualification. I am now in my late ass’s, my youngest child is 18 and I am still learning as much as I can. I hope my story demonstrates that you can achieve your dreams if you are prepared to work hard.

I am pleased that you have decided to take this opportunity to improve your employment prospects by gaining this qualification. I am sure that you will find the work interesting and enjoyable, and that the course will help in building your knowledge and understanding of Business and Administration. I wish you good luck both with your studies and your future career. 2. I think of myself as someone who: a) Is good at proportioning tasks and gets things done ahead of time without being minded When you study online you won’t always have a tutor breathing down your neck or classmates nearby to prod you into action.

Online learning is sometimes referred to as self-directed learning and that means you can set your own pace and choose what to learn and when to learn it. This gives you a lot of freedom of choice. Your chosen answer suggests that you should have no difficulty in being successful on the Business and Administration course. 3. Having face-to-face interaction with my tutors and fellow students is: b) Quite important to me By its very nature, online learning involves methods other than face-to-face interaction in a classroom.

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t rely on interaction though. It’s Just that the interaction occurs in the following sorts of way: v-mails to tutors, online discussion groups, chat room discussion with fellow students and telephone calls. Some courses also have face-to-face meeting times so you can touch base with tutors and study mates. You can contact me if you would like to visit the college at any time to access the library or other student facilities. When it comes to assessing my own progress, l: D) Prefer to receive regular Teacake Trot my teacher or tutor, out It doesn’t nave to be immediate Your chosen answer suggests that you should have no difficulty being successful on the Business and Administration course. Throughout this course you will complete and submit to me a series of multiple choice questionnaires and activities. When you submit each piece of work, I will track your progress and tick off each Session and Unit of the course as you complete it. This will enable both you ND I to monitor your progress at a glance.

You will get thorough feedback from me on all the work you submit. The more thorough and comprehensive the assignment work you provide the better able I shall be to provide rigorous feedback to you on your work and progress. Remember, I am also available if you have any queries about the subject content or what is required on the assignments. 5. I learn best when: a) I can listen to explanations, read textbooks out loud or talk to myself when studying alone Most people have preferred ways of learning new things. This is often referred to as a learning style.

Your answer shows that you prefer to listen and learn (you are an auditory learner). You will find that online learning contains elements designed for auditory learners such as sound clips, video clips, brainstorming in discussion groups, telephone coaching, role-play and case studies. Now that you have recognized which learning style suits you best, you should deliberately set aside times and establish a study environment that best suits this style. Part 2 – Are you ready to develop your business and administration skills?

Total Score = 24 According to your responses, you have a good understanding of many areas of business administration. The fact that you have a good grasp of the subject and have started to think clearly about what it is that you want to achieve is excellent and studying this course can only help you to improve on the work you’ve already done. This coupled with the knowledge you currently have should help you to really develop your knowledge of business administration. Good luck in your studies Laura. Remember to contact me whenever you need extra support or advice