Aspects of marketing mix

There are seven aspects of marketing mix such as price, product, promotion, place, people, process and physicalenvironment, and the traditional APS are the former four. With the Internet coming Into market, It has clearly a huge Influence on marketing mix. This essay will analyze to what extent the internet has impacted on the marketing mix across the APS. Much of the focus of product strategy research has been directed at the issue of product line management, and In particular, scholars have been interested in identifying the determinants of product line actively(Erin and 5).

Nowadays, the Internet has made products more diversified, It Is not convenient for them due to limited numbers or types of products. Customers could not compare products with different shops neither brands. However, the internet has solve the problems to some extent. For instance Amazon, which is one of the most popular online shop, provides much more products, customers can make comparisons between products. Moreover, many small companies may lack ofmoneyto advertising In real medias but It Is easier to advertise In the Internet. Organizations can promote their brands, services and ideas, in numerous ways. Clifford and In real shops, advertisements and leaflets are the most widespread ways to attract public, although they are direct and clear, but not economical for small enterprises. Nevertheless, the situation has changed through the Internet. Just likeGoogle, small companies put their advertisements across products. It is an effective way to fascinated customers. Meanwhile, the internet can make Customer Interaction. This refer to interactions provided on the web site, such as customer service or creating a tailored product(Dave Chaffed, 2007, p. 45). As mentioned above, the internet made promote faster.

Turning to place, it may determined whether the product is interesting. There are many serious problems in real shops such as high rent and fitment fee. The most troublesome disadvantage is limited area, only a few of products can be showed. However, the situation seems to changed when internet comes into our daily life, customers can book products at home anytime, there is no distance barrier between consumers and sellers. For retailers, the internet provides a simple and economical method to catch more attentions, it reduce fees as rent and fitment.

For example, TESTS, the market leader of supermarket in the I-J, has thousands of real shops and also internet shop, it is convenient for residents around shops and also benefit for consumers far away which can enjoy home delivery service. Whereas, the DVD market has expanded rapidly over two decades at the expense of the video market. The growth in pods and other MPH players and the downloading ofmusicfrom the internet are associated with a decline in CD sales(Chambers and Gray, 2008, p. 72-78). Overall, the place is more convenient.

In competition between different companies, perhaps price is the most vital weapon to achieve more profits. Numerous factors influence pricing decisions, including external factors such as customers and competitors, and internal factors such as political systems(Paul, Marion, Urdu and Thee, 2003, p. 89-305). In real shops, many sellers do not allow customers to negotiate price, they charge a high price include tax, cost and any added fees. Nonetheless, there is a huge improvement by the internet. Just like Taboo, the biggest virtual shop in China.

Online sellers use big discounts in weekends or festivals to attract individuals. Moreover, they also offer extra services such as free postage, get one by one, give gifts. In conclusion, the more shops come into the internet, the more suitable price for consumers. Overall, the internet has a huge affect on marketing mix: it makes the product more versified, the promotion faster, the place more convenient and the price more reasonable. It has also put another new method for companies which is useful for them to hold more attractions in order to achieve more sales and profits.

Despite the internet brings some drawbacks into market, it still produce a big improvement to it. Although the internet style is becoming more popular, the huge efforts in marketing from traditional shops can not be ignored. Real shops and virtual shops should be seen as the two sides which combine together to promote the marketing mix. 1 & Gray, D (2008). Business Studies. 4th deed. PearsonEducation: Harrow. , Paul Ingestible, Marion Debenture, Urdu T. Breach and Thee M. M. Vernally (2003). Successful New Product Pricing Practices: A Contingency Approach.