Arena simulation software course work

For last 10 years, Arena Simulation Software, is in use by people as a method for analyzing different communication networks. The joint collaboration between Cambridge University, UK and Silicon Valley, USA have resulted in the development of this software program. The initial aim of the project was to develop a different kind of system that can combine job costing and accounting system, together. It was later sold to the BP, BAE systems and John Lewis firms (Kelton, 2006). Arena Simulation Software is specialized program, which is designed to operate through the modeling systems. It is designed by Rockwell automation to operate through the SIMAN processor and simulation language. It has been designed to use different shapes, which represent various processes and logic. Largely, it tends to operate well through Microsoft technologies that include the Visual Basic for applications.

According to Kelton & Law (2007) simulation software is often in use as a study system to make both logical and mathematical assumptions and approximations at the same time.  This is why it requires the support of Microsoft Visio flow charts, Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. The arena stimulation software can be classified in different categories. The first category is described in terms of general purpose in relations to application-oriented packages.  It is generally applies to the use of language for programming, mainly used in communication centers. The second category relates to event scheduling versus process interaction approach. This is where the computer is used to program, sequences and process general information and set events.

It was later developed into two different editions, mainly commercial software and academic software. The commercial editions are used to promote products to enhance the performance of the metric systems. It employs the 3D animation and other specialized templates to perform various measurements and calculations. They are very effective within the business field for material handlings. Whereas the academic software editions are mainly used in academic fields by both the students and the researchers. In fact, most universities use this package as a way of making and distributing study materials to many students (Kelton et al 2006).

The simulation packages offer many advantages. It can be used for programming the computer language and modeling general computing features. Equally, it can be used in different classes of operation such as manufacturing, communications, process engineering systems, and healthcare and call centers. Equally, the arena stimulation software is a valuable system, which can be used effectively for business purposes for formulating strategies for marketing, sales and customer services. It is also an effective system for demonstrating, predicting and measuring strategies and results in any given industry. (Arena simulation, 2011).


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