Aramark: an environmental analysis

ARAMARK: An Environmental Analysis (Fill in with your information etc ARAMARK: An Environmental Analysis An organization’s external environment has three components: the remote environment, the industry environment, and t he operating environment. There are several major changes which can be expected to have a major impact on the remote, industry, and operating environments for ARAMARK in the next ten years. In order to come to a clearer and more understanding objective on this, the following questions must be addressed:
1. What is ARAMARK
2. What are several major changes that can be expected to have a major impact on the environments for ARAMARK in the next ten years
3. What would be some long-term objectives for ARAMARK to undertake
By discussing these three questions we will have a more knowledgeable and intellectual point of view on this subject matter. This is what will be dissertated in the following.
ARAMARK consistently ranks in the top five of its industry in the Fortune 500 survey, and since 1998 has been named one of ‘America’s Most Admired Companies’ by Fortune magazine.
ARAMARK is an ” international corporation involved in the business of providing institutional services, including food and uniform service, to clients including hospitals, schools, businesses, and sports facilities.” (Wikipedia, 2006). Based in Philadelphia, the company was first founded in 1959 by Davre Davidson and William Fishman as Automatic Retailers of America (ARA), whose business was in vending machines. In 1994 ARA changed its name to ARAMARK.
ARAMARK has basically focused its energy into three main business areas, all of which represent dynamic, growth driven sub-sections of the outsourcing industry, and these are: Food and Support Services, Educational Resources, and Uniform and Career Apparel.
In regards to food and support services, this is perhaps best known for this ever-growing area of their business. ” Contracting with companies and organizations throughout the world, we provide quality catering and food service staff for clients as diverse as Fortune 500 companies and professional sporting franchises.” (” ARAMARK”, n. d.).
For the Educational Resources department, ARAMARK works to create a ground-breaking alternative to ordinary education solutions, and this remarkable division of ARAMARK offers educational partnerships with businesses and schools, day care, and even private elementary schools.
Finally, when discussing the Uniform and Career Apparel area, ARAMARK specializes in providing uniforms and career apparel to a wide range of clients, and ARAMARK considers themselves ” able to design, produce, and distribute uniforms for everyone from restaurant workers to fire fighters.” (” ARAMARK”, n. d.).
What are Several Major Changes That can be Expected to Have a Major Impact on the Environments for ARAMARK in the Next ten Years
Several of the most major changes would be in regards to the categories with which ARAMARK specializes in: hospitals, schools, businesses, and sports facilities. The changes which are occurring even in the present day are sure to only continue on the same path, meaning that consequently, ARAMARK will have to constantly reform itself in order to keep up with its environments. Change is constant, and the only way to remain as successful an organization as they are now is by learning, studying, and following the proper trend path.
What Would be Some Long-Term Objectives for ARAMARK to Undertake
Some important and relevant long-term objectives for ARAMARK to undertake would be to possibly expand in various different areas; to spread out their areas of interest and profit, and rather than focusing on three primary subjects, use their success to aide themselves in a total expansion. Due to the known situation of their present self, it would be quite easy for a company as well-known and recognized as ARAMARK to show their interest in expansion, and many fellow corporations would most likely be at least interested in the discussion of this.
The secret behind the phenomenal success of ARAMARK is considered to be due to the fact that as a company they ” stick to doing whatever it does best.” (” ARAMARK”, n. d.). ARAMARK truly takes care of the important details so that companies and organizations can continue doing what they do best. They are an incredibly successful and profitable company, and their business view is working incredibly positively.

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