Application of theories on usain bolt: as a whole family in new funny virgin media ad

The paper ” Application of Theories on Usain Bolt: As a Whole Family in New Funny Virgin Media Ad” is a delightful example of a movie review on business. The theory of behavioral learning strongly suggests that learning is possible as a response to external environments or events (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2013, p. 75). Often times, the audiences would respond to the company’s brand name, the musical background or jingle used in a particular advertisement, or any other marketing stimuli used in the video ads. In the video ad entitled “ Usain Bolt – As a Whole Family in New Funny Media Ad”, only a single person was used to portray the role of all family members (i. e. father, mother, a teenage son, a baby, and grandfather) when using the Virgin Media’s products and services (Funny Ad Show, 2014).  Combined with a soft musical background, the character in each set was able to briefly discuss how they were able to benefit from the use of Media’s broadband, TiVo®, home phone, and mobile. For example, the head of the family stated that he could benefit from the use of Virgin Media products “ to watch his favorite team whenever he wants” (Funny Ad Show, 2014: 0: 12). Eventually, the teenage son claimed that using Home Media products, “ he can destroy his enemies in an eye definition” (Funny Ad Show, 2014: 0: 13), and so on.
Under the concept of observational learning, Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte (2013, p. 86) pointed out that when watching a video ad, the audiences tend to focus more on the behavior shown by the model (attention) followed by trying to retain the model’s behavior in the audience’s memory (retention), and perform the same role or behavior shown by the model (production process). It means that each time a motivating situation arises; the audience can be motivated to perform the same behavior shown by the model in this particular ad (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2013, p. 86).
Depending on whether or not the gathered information has been stored in the audiences’ short-term memory or long-term memory (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2013, p. 89), the audiences can easily be motivated to retrieve information they have gathered and stored from different ads depending on its relevance to their personal lives (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2013, p. 88). For instance, assuming that the audience is a young adult who likes to play video games, this particular audience can easily be related to the teenage boy who was playing a video game in the video ad entitled “ Usain Bolt – As a Whole Family in New Funny Media Ad”.
The role of memory in learning is very important in the sense that memory itself is responsible in the storage of information we gather through observational learning method (Solomon, Russell-Bennett and Previte, 2013, p. 87). As such, Solomon, Russell-Bennett, and Previte (2013, p. 87) explained that the brain could at any point in time gather information from outside sources followed by encoding the gathered information, storing the information, and retrieving the stored information for later use.
BT and Sky are two of the close competitor of Virgin Media. BT’s video ad entitled “ BT Infinity Good News Travels Fast” is similar to the video ad of Virgin Media in the sense that both companies are using the concept of a family when advertising their broadband products and services (i. e. son, father, and grandfather) (BT, 2014: 0. 02). To capture the interest of wider audiences, BT’s video ad has included the family members’ friends when advertising their BT Infinity product (BT, 2014: 0: 18). To be able to effectively store the product image on the short-term or long-term memory of the target audiences, a 7-second close-up image of BT’s Infinity product was highlighted at the end of this particular video ad (BT, 2014: 0: 23-0: 30).
Sky also created an online video ad entitled “ Sky Fibre Broadband Advert with Al Pacino – Music by Jonathan Goldstein” but its concept was totally different from Virgin Media and BT. In this particular video ad, Sky created a storyline wherein a wealthy man was having a problem with his existing broadband connectivity. Before the computer technician arrived in his residential place, the wealthy man though that he was having a problem with his computer. Eventually, the computer technicians said that there is no problem with his computer but more on his broadband connection. To help the wealthy man solve his problem, the lady technician suggested the idea that he should use “ Sky Fibre… It is super fast… and totally unlimited too” (Eagle Music, 2013: 0: 38). When the lady technician mentioned the marketing phrase “ Sky Fibre… It is super fast…”, she has shown a very confident look suggesting that she is very sure of what she was recommending to the wealthy man. In this case, there is a higher chance wherein the audiences would store this particular marketing phrase in their long-term memory.