Analyzing a dolls house essay examples

In “ A Doll’s House” written by Henrik Ibsen is a play about women’s roles in society in the 19th century. The book reflects the exploitation of the poor and the weak by the rich that is a mirror image of man, woman, the poor and the rich. It is therefore worth noting that the Ibsen’s believes have been narrate throughout the play. This play is the emancipation of women from the ancient regime in that society. A Doll House represents a woman who is struggling to be independent; however, she is unable because of the society culture, which recognizes men to be of higher status than women. Even though becoming independent was something that could be achieved, the memory or trauma of being oppressed will still remain. This can be compared to Sethe’s dialogue about the “ rememory” which can be done in an individual and a historical level. Using this thought in The analysis of A Doll’s House, it can be said that even though the hurt or pain is in the past, it is still part of the memory and can affect major decisions in life. In the case of Nora, she realizes that she wants to be separated from Trovald.
One of the major characters in this play is Nora. Throughout the play she carries on like a child and the people around her treat her as such. After that she wants to leave home, leave this kind of life, she wants freedom. In the beginning of play she is a money loving. She is also childish person if her nickname is anything to go by. Her husband likes to treat her as if she is a child. “ The little lark’s wings mustn’t droop. Come on don’t be a sulky squirrel” (701, Ibsen) Nora’s nickname shows to she is silly girl in her husband’s view. His husband likes to play and jokes with her. Nora’s husband is her whole world; she count lives with him in the beginning. We see Nora as a childish and carefree spirit who depends deeply on her husband. We think that she clings on to him because of a deep love that she might have for him. Her dishonest actions of lying to Trovald and taking money that is not hers is seen as immature, and can be forgiven because of her childish demeanor. On the other hand revealed her fear and worry deeply from her heart. Also reveals women’s status in that time by saying that she needs to be perfect for her husband. The community is impact of women’s lifestyle. “ Everything just the ways Torvald like it.” (709, Ibsen) She wants to make her husband happy and comfortable. It seems that Torvald is a person who believes that the role of the wife is to protect and guide his wife. He clearly enjoys the idea that Nora needs his guidance. “ Before all else, you are a wife and mother” (745, Ibsen) Torvald makes a definition for women. He thinks women should produce children, be a housewife, no other ideas, not complain the life if it not satisfied. He likes to teach Nora the dance that she performs at the costume party. “ Teach me, the way you always have”(732, Ibsen) “ you’ve forgotten everything I taught you”“ The child can have her way. But tomorrow night, after you’ve danced.” (733, Ibsen) Torvald thinks women’s responsibility is to obey her husband, and like role for a little lovely bird make him happy.
Initially, Nora’s thinking and her outlooks are very important by her material wealth and financial conditions. For example, at the beginning of the play, we can see that Nora has just turned from a shopping trip. We are lead to think that Nora is just shallow and is happy being treated how she is because she gets everything she wants. She was part of a family who is well off, and Trovald is now getting a better job, therefore they will be even better off. She looks back at her life when they were struggling as if it were a horrible time as she recants it to Mrs. Linde. Now, she was comfortable in her own home.
The setting in the play begins with Nora and Torvald’s marriage life. In the 19th century, mostly a man is the breadwinner of the family. A man’s job is to make money to support his family while women stay at home and takes care of the children and her husband. Everything was going well until Mrs. Linde comes. Mrs. Linde divorces with her husband, and does not get anything. “ The last years have been like one endless workday without a rest for me” (706, Ibsen)her life is hardly in this time. When she visits Nora, knows her husband is a bank manager. Maybe can help her get a job. It is the fuse for the story. Nora’s secret will follow this been debunked. And change her mind to become independent. “ Trovald, for my sake you can do a little something for Kristine, can’t you”(711, Ibsen) Mrs. Linde gets a job. But the Krogstad loses his job when Mrs Linde gets job. Krogstad is a man who borrows money to Nora. Krogstad threatened her “ I have here in my pocket a letter for your husband.”(729, Ibsen) So, Nora’s secret will come out. Lying to husband is very big issues in that time. She cannot think about what to do. But when she meets Mrs. Linde, she notices that if women leave their husband, they don’t have rich life, but they have a freedom. Someone will no longer control them. She has never become a doll who is played by someone. And going out many roles in her life. During the story she has to speak out. The costume party is a foreshadowing in this play. Nora like a doll play different role for each person, she tired hide something. When they go home, “ got to empty the mailbox” anything was Nora hide is going to come out. “ Torvald, good-bye, you and the children” Nora decides she is going to leave house because when her husband know the truth she can live the house anytime. But after that she notice that their marriage does not look strong, and her husband do not love her so much. Therefore, anytime she makes a mistake, the independence war of Nora begins.
The play, “ A Doll’s House” is about Nora being free from Trovald. As she says, she does not want to be treated like a doll anymore. She had come to the realization that her life was not as great as she thought it was. She did not want to be Trovald’s source of amusement anymore. A major motif in the play was the sacrifice of women. Something that is also present in “ Beloved”. Kromholz explains that there is a process of healing. In A Doll’s House, Nora was not given any room to heal because her relationship with Trovald was dictated by society. She was dominated by Trovald and all her actions were seen to be for him. We see great sacrifice in Mrs. Linde’s story, how she gave her time and health to take care of her mother and brothers. Nora’s sort of sacrifice is not as obvious, however, leaving her children is something that is self-sacrifice. The psychological scars of Mrs. Linde were seen to make her the kind of woman that she is. This goes the same for Nora. At the start, you would not think that she would be able to make such a firm decision. However, all the oppression of Trovald and his harsh words pushed her over the edge. It would come to no wonder if this was not her first time to evaluate their relationship. As discussed in “ The Ghosts of Slavery: History Recovery in Toni Morrison’s Beloved”, the “ rememory” and the ability to recall the past of a person will not help them heal. They will have to recover despite what they have felt in the past. In Nora’s case, she will have to heal from the eight years of being mistreated on her own.