Advertisement that attempts to trigger problem recognition

Advertisements that Attempt to Trigger Problem Recognition Advertisements play very important parts in marketing companies and their products. They tend to create awareness about some products, demonstrate their usability, tell us their side effects and advise us on how effective we can use them and even convince us to purchase some products. Apart from these categories of advertisements, there are these advertisements that try to let us know first where the problem is so that they can provide for us the solutions to the problem. In a way, these ads tell us vividly why we need to buy some products through initiating a problem that we can undergo if we dont use these products. This paper was written after a research that was done on four websites and two websites were chosen. These websites; one being an entertainment website and the other a company website, demonstrated how ads can be used to trigger problem recognition. The websites that were chosen include that of askmen. com, which is an entertainment website and PatchMd. com, which is a medical company.
Starting with askmen. com, the website hosts various types of entertainment information including dating, sports, health, news, movies, games and others. For this case, I selected one of the advertisements on the website that was trying to inform us on how to prevent flu and cold. One major aim of this ad is to trigger a problem in us, the readers that flu and cold have become a problem to control. It, for this reason, goes ahead to give us the simple tips that we can use to prevent the flu and cold. The ad begins with a heading, ” Preventing Cold & Flu.” Under the heading, it tries to pose a question and an answer, ” Flu going around? Heres how to avoid it like a pro,” (Dave 1).
The ad has just let us know that cold and flu are problems to use that are going around. It then wants to provide us with a solution on how we can handle this problem like pros. Anyone who had cold and flu and did not realize them to be a problem, when they read this ad, they will definitely find out that they have been having a problem. Better still, they will even find out that their problem has a solution after they pay attention to the ad trying to address it. The ad uses a simple picture of a side plate with a glass full of a solution, ginger and a piece of lemon as shown below.
It then explains, there below, how to use prevent cold and flu.
The second website that I visited is that of PatchMd. com Company (PatchMd 1). This website provides an ad that tries to trigger a problem about using pills to lose weight. As it suggests, there is a problem when one uses pills to lose weight and, for this reason, it suggests that one can use one patch per day instead. As we know, pills have their side effects that may not be friendly to our bodies. We, for this reason, would love to go for some treatment methods that are side-effects free. The ad in this website uses, by telling us that, ” No More Pill,” triggers our minds to think about pills in a negative way. We, for this reason, tend to think and believe that pills are not good to use. The ad then provides us with an alternative, which is using patches that are natural and drug-free. The picture used in the ad is as shown below.
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