A universal language for people – music critical analysis

Just like most people, even Native Americans are fond ofmusic. Music has been a universal language to people of different races or even to the different faces in the world. Music has been used centuries before in rituals, chants and dances. For the Native Americans music plays a vital role in shaping their history, as this is very important to theircultureas a part of the ceremonies and customs that is led to their generation. The type of music that Native American tribes vary, it is dependent on their preferences and the music which represents their tribes. Gender plays an important role in their music, traditions reflect their kind of music and it greatly influences their preferences.

American Indians music is a platonic type wherein it is basically the homogenous in terms of rhythm and style. It is compose of tune that is predicted to their sense of culture. It is somehow their way of communicating is deeply rooted as their means of understanding themselves. Unlike most people the music that they choose are more on the basis of their product something that is heard only by them. Nowadays different people have similarities in music prefernces and is mostly influenced by one or the other, whether it be jazz, rock or pop.

The type of music that most native Americans listen are monophonic, which is sung with octaves by both men and women, the lyrics that are used are different yet the melody is still the same. Their type of music are usully the ones making unusual melodies and sounds in it but whats important is the story that these melody tells. The natives music piches are high and are in ramdom and is mostly accomodated by flute. This preference stioll varies from each tribe because of the cultural differences and practices that each tribe has.

Although these natives type of music are still intact and preserve, their traditional songs are also influenced and integarte with the modern type of music that we have now. Natives also considers the modern music as a good music because of the influenced by the other Culures like Europeans and the white americans. They are also engage in music such as rok, pop, alternative and love songs that we hear nowadays, through their integration of the cultures of others in order to adopt to the changes.

Teenagers of the natives are listening to hip hops and other new genres of music nowadays. They find these music a way of appreciating the typeenvironmentthat they are in and in some case because this is what most people listen to as to a bandwagon thing. Their appreciation to the new genres of music is mainly because of the societal role it plays on their tribes or culture.

The Natives although appreciate the modern type of music has somehow managed to still practice and preserve the type of music that they have. Their traditional songs that are still handed down to the following genertaion, ceremonial type of musicis still practiced and are still used in curing the sick. They have their own types of love song that although has some influenced from the modern genres is somehow still reflective on the type of culture and practices they have. It is amazing that despite these changes that we have now, they still manage to parctice their music even if withoutn any music record or recording artist to make a hit.

Music has not onle been a form of entertainment but it has been a way of symbolizing an individuals confinement. Every individual has its own preference of music as this relate to them personally, whether it voices out their emotions or concerns on a particular thing. Muisc is hold to be pleasant as this deviates or soothes an individuals self, as this help a person to cope up. Music nowadays has greatly influence people as this is a universal aspect of communicating to those people with the same aspiration as the other.


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