A statement of purpose

ID Lecturer A ment of Purpose Life offers an individual a number of opportunities and my domainsare filled with similar ones without a doubt. I have envisioned my life in accordance with the understanding that I can gain so much if I dedicate myself whole-heartedly towards something that I utterly want to have. In the same light, a degree in psychology holds a great deal of significance for me at this stage because this asks me to showcase who I truly am and what I want to achieve in life.
My areas of interest have been in the fields of women’s issues in psychology and behavior disorders within children. These areas have more or less offered me a chance to explore the basis of psychology and how it has shaped up my life in more ways than one. The understanding that I have had of psychology has assisted me to get a first hand idea of how the women go through their day to day ordeals and what the children have to experience when there are behavior disorders happening within their fore. As far as my interests and hobbies are concerned, I like aerobics and dedicate a significant amount of my time towards reading just about everything that passes by me. In addition, I like to watch intellectual games, which is something that excites me immensely.
I have had solid work experience under my belt. An internship in a rehabilitation center has largely facilitated in bringing about a comprehension of the psychological settings and realms, which remain very quintessential to me. This internship has been instrumental at helping me understand how to go about providing counseling to the victims of substance abuse as well as get a clear cut idea of the domestic violence regimes. I have learned my way through things, which have more or less been horrific to know to say the least. However, these tales have been more of an eye-opener than anything else, and I have benefited from such learning measures.
These points have largely meant that my experiences have been shaped up with what I have learned under the aegis of psychology. It has been incremental yet the revelations have more or less been horrifying to state the least. This is the reason why I have always felt very closely to what I have gained within the psychological settings. The internship has only been able to showcase what was hidden in me and how I can explore the same to achieve new heights and break unique grounds in the future.
I would request the authorities at the helm of affairs within the California State University to allow me admission within the MA program of psychology so that my career can advance as I have planned it. This would be the basis for my eventual success within the field of psychology and my end goals and objectives would be realized in an easy way. I assure you of my dedication and hard work, as this is something central to my entirety.