A lifetime lesson from failed business

It is undeniable that we learn from successes as well as failures. Indeed, the history of humankind is marked by times of success and major failures, which have shaped the world as we see it today. For instance, Thomas Edison, the man who invented fluorescent tubes have always been quoted has having failed 10, 000 times. However, he said that he only learned 10, 000 ways of how not to do it. I had a personal experience too when I tried to venture into business without prior knowledge in business operations.
My father has always taught me to be independent and this prompted me to think of how I could make a few coins during the summer holidays. With a borrowed capital from my father, I ventured into the business of selling candies and ice-creams. In the beginning, I seemed to make some meaningful progress. However, the number of customers began fading away and I could hardly make any sales. I was prepared to remain in business hoping that the business will eventually pick up. My parents encouraged me to keep on trying and they would help in preparing some of the candies at home.
I learned the importance of education in life. Knowledge is overwhelmingly important in every aspect of life.