A collage of young children’s communication

A Collage of Young Children’s Communication Name: Institution: Lecturer: Course: Date: Jamal Experience and language are the foundation for reading, writing, and spelling in children. This assignment involved five year old Jamal with whom I received permission to work with from his parents The assignment included assessment test relevant to Jamal’s progress and development Jamal The assessment involved an analysis on Jamal’s receptive mode capabilities. Language experiences are important in harnessing reading and listening child qualities Jamal was able to excel in reading anecdotes designed from his own personal experience Jamal Jamal pronounced correctly words beyond his intellect based on his anecdote In a child, words fostered from personal experience are easier to pronounce These experiences are fundamental in fostering children into writers and readers Adults learning foreign languages also apply to this rule Jamal Productive modes are in connection with listening and reading capabilities Research suggests that literature aspects are necessary in fostering reading and writing Jamal’s personal experience involved a fascination with humming birds. Jamal I included a book on humming birds to assess Jamal’s response to literature Jamal is good at reading for his age but required assistance for the most part Jamal is creative enough to use demonstrations to prove what he had learned Jamal The next exercise involved dictation and independent writing Oral dictation is the foundation for independent writing in children. I engaged Jamal in a spelling exercise to develop his writing skills Jamal also excelled in punctuation and writing, but with notable difficulty. He was however progressing. Jamal Learning Story Observation Form My name is Jamal. I am 5 years and months old Date of Observation 25th June 2012 What does the observation tell me: Birth to three matters ? uFoundation Stage Curriculum ? A Healthy Child-Healthy Choices Talk to children about the choices they have made and encourage them to find new areas to discover.

What happened/has been observed Jamal In all its subtleties, acquiring language is a child’s special province Through language, children learn more on words and sentence They also learn thought and strategy structures on words and sentences Children are considered the best at acquiring meaning to words. Jamal My assessment with Jamal concluded that language aspects require solid foundation on approach practice and principles Failure to learn these practices and principles leads to discouragement among children Parental support is also necessary to facilitate development in language aspects Jamal Lack of or inadequate parental support hinders language learning in children Solid foundation, support, and commitment facilitate excellence in language aspects Jamal’s parents implement notes as literacy practices in their home. Notes addressed to Jamal suit him best for his understanding Reference Carroll, J. B., & Casagrande, J. B. (2005).

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