A button allows you to inhale vapor. the

Alittle about vape mod (www. americanpreppersnetwork. com)Technology keepsevolving, that’s what always happens and specifically in the case of vapingindustry it has evolved from traditional vape pens to vape mods. The term “ mod” refers to ” modified device”. When traditional tobacco cigarettes evolved intoelectronic cigarettes, the only available option was a cig-a-like standarde-cigarette. Later on vapers have attached flashlight batteries to e-juicetanks while experimenting with voltage levels and flavors.

This evolved form ofe-cigarette with flashlights appeared to be the first vape mod. Nowadays you can buyready to use vape mods which are available in different designs, shapes, sizes, quality and colors along with variety of batteries and tanks. TC mods, mechanical mods, e-cigarette mods and VV/VW are different forms of vape mods.  Main components of e-cigarette and vape modsare same i. e. refillable tank and batteries.

Mods batteries can be dense tubeor rectangular box shaped. Basic purpose behindthe transformation of vape pen into vape mod was to provide a customized vapingexperience where vapers can mount replaceable batteries in the vape mod and trydifferent refilling methods. Basic function of vape mod is same like vape pen. Pressing the fire button allows you to inhale vapor. The power generated bybatteries provides heat to the coil which vaporizes the e-liquid. Vaporproduction can be increased or decreased by using variable voltage batteries. Due to theirrectangular shape and special safety feature of protecting low resistance, vapemods became far safer vaping devices as compared to vape pens. Ranging frombeginner to experienced vapers, everyone can use vape mods according to theirchoice, convenience and ease.

Presently, vape mods are the most porpular vapingdevices in the vaping industry. New vapers and thosewho have started vaping by using vape pen always get confused about choosingbetween vape pen and vape mod. So let me help you out.

Choosingbetween vape pen and vape modEverybody has his/herown preferences. Many vapers prefer customized mods because they like to doexperiments with the flavors and vapor production and on the other hand someare satisfied with the traditional cig-a-like vape pen. Experience reallymatters while making the right choice. If you are a beginner than use ofadvanced vaping mod can be confusing and a bit tricky for you. So the betterchoice would be vape pen. Vaping mods are suggested for experienced vapers whowant to try something new every time. Starter kits forbeginners are also available in the market but normally many people startvaping with vape pen and by the passage of time they shift to vape mod.

Butthis is the path for those who just want to enjoy vaping. For people who wantto quit smoking and choose vaping as an alternative, it is suggested to stickwith vape pen so that they do not get indulged into another smoke-a-like habit. Popularvape modsIt is always difficultto choose the best one when the number of available options is high. Let’s findout some of the popular vape mod brands from which you can choose the one fitsyour desire: 1.      Vapor2 Trinity – Asmall sized easy to use vape mod which can give you really good amount of thickvapor.

2.      SMOK Alien 220W TC – Thismod has taken a respectable place ever since it was launched. You can say it’sone of the hot favorite vape mod all around the world. 3.      Vaporesso Revenger 220W – Whenit comes to look and performance, this vape mod has proved to be the best vapemod for beginners.

4.      SMOK T-PRIV 220W – Ifyou are looking for style, technology and a greater performance then this isthe right choice with a baby beast tank. 5.      Yihi SX Mini G Class – It’san expensive mod but the price pays off is all aspects.

6.      Eleaf iStick Pico 75W – Trulya low cost but high performance vape mod. 7.      Lost Vape Therion DNA 166 – Aunique vape mod which covers all desired features with durability and luxury.

8.      Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W TC – Atop notch next generation’s design capable of delivering high performance. 9.      SMOK GX350 TC – Ifyou are power hungry then this is the right choice. 10.

Halo Reactor Mega – Areally dependable vape mod with excellent performance and long lasting battery. Although a vast varietyof vape mods makes it difficult to find the right choice but I hope by gettingsome basic knowledge about vape mods and popular brands, you’ll be able to findthe best vape mod to enjoy an ultimate vaping experience.